Arte e Cultura

Luglio 5, 2014

Printemps Musical de Silly

The «Printemps Musical de Silly» is an outstanding classic music festival located in the center of the Belgium’s countryside, 40 km away from Brussels. The festival […]
Maggio 30, 2014

What Makes an Artistic Genius?
Anna Paola Cibin – the fairy tale continues.

Almost a year ago Dantemag discovered this unique artist in an art gallery in London. Since then Anna Paola Cibin’s life has become as much a […]
Febbraio 17, 2014

Winter of Discontent Tchaikovsky’s take.

Creative minds have always been inspired by nature and the sharp contrasts of winter are no exception. Philip Rham offers an overview but quickly homes in […]
Febbraio 17, 2014

JOANA VASCONCELOS. The world of yesterday today

The art world has many stand-out members but none more so than the fiercely Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos, whose ardent espousal of modern technology combined with […]