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noviembre 24, 2022

Christmas – The Cosmic Feast

Luminous decorations add to the electric glow that conceals the stars above the city buildings. At the darkest time of year, the blazing streets light the […]
noviembre 8, 2022


UN COMITÉ QUE NO TENDRÍA QUE EXISTIR. Alberto Maestre Fuentes   Tras la catástrofe de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, se vio necesario que la humanidad debía […]
mayo 30, 2022

The Globe-localisation or Animal Farm of the 21st Century? A review of “The Zoo”

Humans love a good animal story. Across time and cultures we tend to anthropomorphise animals in order to better look at ourselves. But how if those […]
febrero 19, 2022

Carnival: Living Unlived Lives in Lisbon

The Reality of Disguise – The Policeman There’s a story that’s been going around for years, told and retold of the ‘Carnival Policeman’ whom I happen […]