Elisa Nocca

febrero 23, 2015

STEFAN MILENKOVICH The Man Who Speaks the Language of the Eighth Note…

What is it like to be a child prodigy? How to keep your centre and still be the conduit for Pythagorean insights to the universality of […]
agosto 22, 2014

Settimana Mozzartiana | 11th -14th of September 2014 Rovereto Trento – Italy

Thursday 11th September    17.00h- Loreto Square, Rovereto Trento – IT MOZART BOYS&GIRLS: JAZZ QUARTET “4 DI PICCHE” Andrea Citroni – Guitar; Luciano Sorcinelli – Bass; […]
agosto 1, 2014


Unfolding sails –  and the secrets – while crossing the waters of the inferno, purgatory and paradise, Stefano Rizzi tells Dantemag his story and concludes we […]