Mario Moniz Barreto

febrero 19, 2022

Carnival: Living Unlived Lives in Lisbon

The Reality of Disguise – The Policeman There’s a story that’s been going around for years, told and retold of the ‘Carnival Policeman’ whom I happen […]
marzo 1, 2015

Joana Carneiro: The Maestrina Conducts Further Ahead

Music is a constantly evolving, ever-changing language. Joana Carneiro, acclaimed young Portuguese conductor speaks it fluently. A rising star in the rarefied world of orchestral conducting, […]
diciembre 19, 2014

Los Tiempos en que Vivimos. Pueden las Constituciones Sobrevivir Como las Conocemos?

Isabel Moreira se ha convertido en una figura importante en la política de Portugal. Dantemag le pregunta si los cambios drásticos en las medidas de austeridad […]
agosto 15, 2014

For the love of Books, the revenge of the intellectuals

How do you write about reading? How do you do it without sounding either facetious or pretentious? By being slightly confessional, more personal and less objective? […]