octubre 5, 2014

“The Great Beauty”

Fresh from winning the GoldenGlobe for Best Foreign Film andnow a strong contender for anOscar too, “The Great Beauty”by celebrated Italian directorPaolo Sorrentino is riding high.But […]
octubre 5, 2014

On the Way to School: Which Road Are You Taking Today?

A few powerful words give a better introduction than a long and prosaic description.  This is truly the case when you approach Pascal Plisson’s documentary Sur […]
octubre 5, 2014

McConaughey REDUX

Ever found yourself regretting passing sentence on a person’s talents or character, pompously dismissing them, only to be forced to admit to being horribly wrong? In […]
marzo 28, 2014

Printemps Musical de Silly

The «Printemps Musical de Silly» is an outstanding classic music festival located in the center of the Belgium’s countryside, 40 km away from Brussels. The festival […]