Novembre 2, 2015

Nicaragua: la terra dei record.

Stanco del solito trambusto ed hai bisogno di ricaricare le batterie?  Il Nicaragua è il luogo perfetto per te. Una vacanza all’ insegna del rispetto totale […]
Ottobre 5, 2014

History Repeats Itself

The significance of the Italian Renaissance lies in the fact, among others, that it overthrew those medieval values the Catholic church had imposed on society, with […]
Ottobre 5, 2014

The fire in Saturn’s Shadow

Carnivals are just an excuse for a party and dress up – right? Wrong! Mike Hawthorne reveals how, once again, seemingly hackneyed modern customs stem from […]
Ottobre 5, 2014

“The Great Beauty”

Fresh from winning the GoldenGlobe for Best Foreign Film andnow a strong contender for anOscar too, “The Great Beauty”by celebrated Italian directorPaolo Sorrentino is riding high.But […]