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Marzo 3, 2018

Un paese annichilito va a votare. Massimo Gava analizza lo scenario comico prima del voto

Il 4 marzo 2018 la III potenza economica Europea va a votare con l’idea di eleggere una nuova maggioranza parlamentare ed un nuovo Presidente del Consiglio. […]
Giugno 23, 2015

Yes We Can A Greek Food for Thought Story

All we hear about today is the horrendous amount of food that is thrown away and wasted by the commercial retailers as well as households. And […]
Marzo 7, 2015

Muslim Women in Transition

In the West it has become almost a truism by Rosalie Rivett that Muslim women, especially those in the Arab world, are oppressed, voiceless and – […]
Ottobre 1, 2013

The Most Powerful Woman in Italy Has Got Your Number

A client is a client and without faults, but I am a professional and if he doesn’t like my findings it’s his problem. I am not […]