March 9, 2018

Italian Politicians should not forget the roots in their boot.

Together with the prince of Allegria, Roberto Benigni, we remind the Italian politicians about to form a new governement the true meaning of their national anthem. […]
May 29, 2017

I Saw a Film Today, Oh Boy… Alan G. Parker’s Beatles Movie in Review

The movie title is not exactly catchy. It Was Fifty Years Ago Today! The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper & Beyond. But, then again, the original LP it […]
April 18, 2013

Hollywood at Arms: How the Movies Take America to War

The American film industry has always been fond of portraying war. Since its earliest beginnings, telling the tale of America’s wars has been a Hollywood staple. […]
September 2, 2012

A Director’s Guide to Overnight Success in Hollywood: A 10-Step Programme

Do you want to make movies, but are finding Hollywood acclaim elusive? Maybe you’re going about it all wrong. Bernadette Rivero gives us the benefit of […]