Refund Policy

Where a minimum term of 12 months is advertised cancellations are not permitted until the end of this initial period and we will not issue you a refund. Should you wish to cancel after the minimum term, please contact our customer care team in writing (see contact details).

For all other subscriptions or after the minimum term of your subscription, you may cancel your subscription contract at any time by notifying our customer services team in writing. See contact details above. We will refund you the cost of the issues not yet issued to you at the time you notify us of your wish to cancel. Refunds and cancellations should be given in writing and the remaining value of the subscription will be refunded by cheque within 28 working days.

Delivery Policy

We will deliver the magazines to the address you notify to us when you place your order. Please allow up to eight weeks for delivery. Magazines will be delivered on or around the advertised onsale date.

Subscription gifts

From time to time DANTEmag Publishing Ltd. will run subscription offers on its titles for new subscribers which may include incentive gifts. These gifts will not be available for magazines delivered to overseas addresses.Gifts are subject to availability and strictly limited on a first come first serve basis.


If any of our magazines are put on sale in the UK containing a covermount gift or a supplement, you are not guaranteed to receive these covermounts or supplements.

Magazines delivered to overseas addresses may not contain covermount gifts or supplements.