mayo 15, 2015

“Black and White – a Matter of Principle”

Biennale Internazionale d’Arte 2015 Palazzo Mora Strada Nuova – Venezia                                 […]
abril 22, 2015

Manfred Zylla

So you thought there were no more politically engaged artists, committed to changing our view of the world through the force of their images? Heidi Erdmann […]
abril 21, 2015

Àlex de Fluvià, Raíces y Mestizaje – Àlex de Fluvià, Compromiso Con la Pintura

Montse Frisach, periodista y crítica de arte del diario ‘El Punt Avui’ en Barcelona, analiza la expresión del artista catalán Alex de Fluvià para Dantemag. De […]
marzo 12, 2015

Talking With Qin Chong

China as a country, despite its  monolithic tendencies as a political power, still produces creative artists that take the world by storm, inviting us into a […]